Newborn Session Information


It's only a short period of time our precious little ones are in the newborn stage. Hilary has photographed over a thousand newborn babies and their families for over 10 years. We like to go above and beyond your expectations to give you an amazing experience.

Ideal for new parents


If this is your first baby, then chances are you’re feeling a mixture of wonder, joy and exhaustion. It’s natural to feel protective of your precious bundle, which is why you can rest assured your newborn photographic experience will be gentle, safe and secure. As a mother Hilary understands how precious your newborn is and as a professional photographer, she seeks to tell your story with stunning portraits filled with love.

Siblings love to feel special


Mums and Dads with a growing family know how hectic life gets with the arrival of a newborn, which is why you’ll cherish the quiet time with your baby during your photographic experience. In a busy life, it carves out a moment of calm for you to bond with your new arrival.


Your family balance is important, which is why Hilary ensures siblings feel like little stars – important, included and special. Your family photography is curated to tell the story of sibling love, parental bonds and family values, transforming an ordinary day into extraordinary memory.


(Not recommended for siblings under 3 years)

Newborn Photography Perth

Some FAQ's about newborn photography sessions:


How long is the session?

The newborn session time is usually around 2-3 hours (more or less), so please allocate this time for the shoot. This allows plenty of time to feed and settle to sleep.


When is the best time to photograph a newborn?

The ideal time for newborn photography is when the baby is between 5-14 days old. After 14 days of age they are not as curly and sleepy for those modern posy shots, so you would expect more ‘lifestyle’ images. Please contact me as early as possible in your pregnancy and I will pencil in 7 days after your due date.


For more FAQ's, please read our frequently asked question page here .

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Why choose us?

One of Australia's most experienced newborn photographer.

Highest quality products with luxury craftmanship.

Our business and reputation is built on honesty and integrity.

Our state of the art, warm and relaxed environment helps you to be yourselves.


Our unbelievable promise:

We promise that you'll only walk away with the photography you absolutely love.


Don’t waste a moment!

Life moves so fast, so don’t waste a moment!

In the first 12 days of your baby’s life their sleepy smiles and milky murmurs are perfectly captured, so press pause and book your photography to ensure you’ll never forget the love, connections and closeness of those first weeks.